Who we are

Mulers Engineering is a newly established private limited company that focuses its work on energy engineering and its main work include consultancy, research and power generation and distribution. Its mission is to support governmental and private players in their efforts to improve the physical infrastructure as part of the aim to transform Ethiopia into a major manufacturing hub and to address some of the intractable development and poverty challenges the country faces. Widening energy access and securing reliable energy services are fundamental to this effort. However, Ethiopia faces energy challenges on four fronts: (i) meeting the energy needs of large numbers of people who lack access to modern energy carriers, such as electricity; (ii) meeting the energy requirements of a fast growing economy while delivering power to neighboring countries; (iii) balancing on-grid and off grid electricity for a variety of human settlement patterns; and (iv) exploring an array of financing, regulatory, and institutional modalities for a wide range of energy situations. Underpinning these challenges is the pursuit of a carbon neutral pathway to mitigate the threat of climate change, which is encapsulated in the country’s vision of sustainable and resilient development. The fundamental reason of establishing Mulers Engineering PLC is therefore to support the player’s endeavor by conducting all rounded energy research to develop solutions for the undeserved communities and companies alike. In addition, Mulers Engineering will strive to provide the best consultancy services on Energy and work towards generating clean energy and distribution based on the country’s law.

At Mulers Engineering, we are passionate in innovating solutions and providing the best service to the maximum satisfaction of our clients.

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