Ongoing projects

List of projects being conducted by Muler’s engineering


  • Development Efficient lighting system that can support in minimizing energy consumption at different sectors
  • Development of Security Using lighting Systems
  • Testing and improvement of its newly developed human powered mobile charge

Projects being conducted under Mekelle University by the Owners of Mulers Engineering

The following research projects are currently being conducted by the owners of this company but these projects are hosted at Mekelle University. The experiences being acquired from this work will be an immense experiences for successful completing any projects to be hosted at Mulers Engineering.

  • Community Energy and Sustainable Energy Transitions in Ethiopia, Malawi and Mozambique (CESET) funded by UKRI
  • Carnot Gen-Sets – Feasibility Study funded by Innovate UK
  • Strengthening Mobility and Promoting Regional Integration of Engineering Education in Africa (SPREE) funded by the European Commission, see at
  • Energy Auditing for the Implementation of Evidence Based Conservation Measures: The case of MAA Garment and Sheba leather Factory funded by GiZ
  • Assessment of the Impact of Spill over on the Creation of Employment and Industrialization funded by GIZ
  • Transforming Energy Access – Learning Partnership (TEA-LP) funded by DFiD through University of Cape Town, See at
  • EDUTEX-Knitting Together Africa and Europe funded by DAAD
  • Sustainable Textile Supply Chains in Ethiopia and Germany funded by DAAD
  • Design and Development of Dual- Axis Automatic Solar Tracking System funded by KfW
  • Establishing Textile and Garment Training Center funded by GIZ
  • Opportunities and challenges of development and implementation of distributed energy generation systems: The case of Tigray region
  • Creating the platform for thermal power generation for municipal solid waste: Technical analysis and design of thermal power plant
  • Establishment of Center of Excellence in Renewable Energy with Focus in Wind and Solar Energy funded by KfW
  • Applied Curricula in Technology for East Africa funded by the European Commission, see at

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