Completed Projects

List of projects conducted by Muler’s engineering

  • Assessment of Energy access, use, needs, Markets and Challenges in Shire refugee camps funded by the Norwegian refugee council
  • Testing and improvement of its newly developed human powered mobile charge

Projects conducted under Mekelle University by the Owners of Muler’s Engineering

The Following research, consultancy and community service projects were conducted by the owners of this company as principal investigators and members under Mekelle University and brings these vast experiences to Mulers engineering. These projects include:

  • Mobile and Automated Concrete Block Machine
  • International Credit Mobility (ICM) under the Erasmus+ programme Key Action 1 (KA1)
  • Afar Integrated Pastoral and Agro-pastoral Development Strategy
  • Design and Development of Automated Livestock management System
  • Transforming the Manufacturing Industries and Investment in Tigray: Challenges, Prospects and Policy /Strategy Options
  • Developing Implementation Strategies for Facilitating Knowledge and Technology Transfer from Foreign Direct Investment

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